Zero Energy House – Green Renaissance

It’s time to rethink energy in the buildings
Anders Nyquist

A completely off the grid home in Sundsvall, Northern Sweden, created by by Anders Nyquist, Eco Cycle Architect.

The video shows the materials used and why. It even has grass growing on the roof — not only beautiful but part of the insulation and cooling system for the water. It’s not a design mansion for rich people: it is aimed at everyone.

Most of us strive to leave “our mark” on the world. But, lately, the trend is to leave as little a mark as possible on our environment. Imagine a home that is not just energy efficient, but doesn’t have a single energy bill in its mailbox. The idea of a Zero House is a very simple and appealing one – a well sealed building, well insulated, that supply electricity and heating produced and supplied the right way. It’s really a question of attitude.

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