I’m not the expert, but I have a big curiosity — please join me as I engage in conversation with people with more expertise in their area of knowledge to begin to gain a greater understanding of what we are consuming when it comes to our food, household items, beauty products, lawn care and more, and how they are affecting our health and that of the environment.

The more we question and come to a greater understanding of the world around us, we have the opportunity to make better choices and use that power in every transaction to shape the world we want to live in~ there is such power in knowing when it is acted upon.

Stay curious and keep asking questions

Ashleigh Prince, Ecogal

The EcoGal Mission

Living a life, empowered by knowledge-based decision making, to become informed consumers, who use their power by voting with their dollar, to curate a life of wellness and sustainability.

Here’s to your health and that of our planet.

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