Make renewable energy from our food waste!

Seema is the owner of Miel Restaurant where for the past 14 years she has championed the use of sustainably grown food and wine. Miel also uses the practices of sustainability on every level at the restaurant. For the past 11 years, her focus has added the topic of food waste and how Nashville as a city can divert this valuable resource from landfills and utilize it for its renewable qualities. //  The non-profit Seema founded called Resource Capture aka ReCap aims to educate about Dry Anaerobic Digestion and how it can be used for Nashville to process the food/organics waste into nutrient-rich compost and energy. In addition to working at numerous Dry AD facilities around the world, Seema earned a certificate from the US Composting Council as a certified Operator for Composting Facility in 2016. Seema’s experience from her past career in the field of community organizing, public relations & government relations has aided greatly in the pursuit of the Digester Project for Nashville.

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