ecogal The Curious Consumer web series – test episode

After many months in development for ecogal, a producer friend in town gave me an exercise – He told me to go out, put ecogal on it’s feet and use it as a discovery process to find the voice, the feel, the look of ecogal.

The location I chose is the farm where it began, it’s where I went to get my questions answered so I could me a more informed consumer. The farm is Green Door Gourmet owned by Sylvia and Al Ganier. Since this was an exercise, I didn’t have a script but I did have a real life experience I could draw from. I was working on a local TV show when I first came to the farm and I had asked them the question, “Is it possible to feed 150 crew members local organic produce?”

What you are about to watch is what came out of that day. We learned a lot, and we certainly feel we found some good stable ground in which to build the show upon.

It’s not perfect however, we thought we’d share with you so you get an idea of where we’ll be going with ecogal.

We had a great time that day, friends came out, helped and it got the ball really rolling.

Enjoy and here’s to more ecogal segments.

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