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A great community garden on a rooftop in Nashville

Julie Berbiglia takes us to the rooftop of the McKendree United Methodist Church that hosts a community garden featuring deep raised beds, large planters and rain barrels. It also functions as the play area for the day-care kids, who really enjoy it, as you can see in the video. And part of the food grown is even used for the homeless. Quite a great project worth watching.

Julie Berbiglia is another local light in Nashville’s greening movement. A certified master gardener and the host of Volunteer Gardener on NPT-Channel 8, Berbiglia has been the organic coordinator of Scarritt-Bennett Center’s demonstration garden for six years. She has been involved in advocacy all of her professional life, initially as an administrative assistant for the ACLU.

“You’re working on the big causes,” Berbiglia says. “But you see systems change so slowly. So when I got to the point where I thought, ‘Things are so bad. There’s got to be another way to save the world,’ I already had an interest in gardening, and I found my way over to Scarritt. It was a perfect fit.”

Source: Nashville Scene – Read the whole article

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