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When learning about the large number of toxic chemicals in our food, water, personal care products, household products, children’s clothing, bedding, toys, and our lawns and flower beds, on and on and on… One can get overwhelmed: where should you start?

Here is my story and how I became the ecogal.

My wake-up call was a film called, Unacceptable Levels. I was already learning about the state of our food system when I was introduced to its director: Ed Brown. The movie he’d made stopped me in my tracks and my life went in another direction from that day forward.

I was able to bring Unacceptable Levels to Nashville, where I live, for a Premiere which, I’m happy to say, was a great success and enjoyed incredible community support. People were very interested but they were overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin to move into action.

Ashleigh Prince: ecogal - The Curious Consumer

Ashleigh Prince: ecogal – The Curious Consumer

Meanwhile I was working on a network TV show and during my time on set, in this cross section of society of people, I noticed the extent of toxic materials and waste happening on an everyday basis.

I realized I had to do something about it.

I have been tackling the toxic issue one cupboard, one room, one floor at a time, until revamping my household into the much less toxic environment in which I now live. And these are just the easy things to control; I haven’t yet begun on the ventilation system, water, energy, etc. But I did trade my favorite SUV in for a hybrid car. I must admit, I was heartbroken but I knew if I wanted to walk this path, I had to walk my talk and I had to LIVE it.

I have discovered and learned so much over the last few years. It began with an intention to have a less toxic life. During this evolution I started feeling the difference. So I kept digging, reading books, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, reading blogs. I started taking cooking classes, learning about plant-based diets and I personally gave up meat and dairy.

Besides, I began asking questions at my local coffee-shop about the milk and beans they used; I went to farms nearby and to larger markets. It became very apparent to me that I was way too underinformed and needed to become a more knowledgeable consumer: from the raw materials, to the manufacturing process, to the packaging, to the sustainability practices, to the issue of disposal and to the effects on the environment.

Ashleigh Prince, ecogal

My thinking cleared up out of the brain fog, my animals were becoming models of health and my friends were watching and beginning to ask questions. They sent emails, text and calls about the changes they had made and how their family was participating.

At that point I knew what my next step was: Ecogal: The Curious Consumer was born and I was off to help others be more informed in the choices they are making, so they too can live a healthier, less toxic, more sustainable life.

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