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Who is ecogal

When learning about the large number of toxic chemicals in our food, water, personal care products, household products, children’s clothing, bedding, toys, and our lawns and flower beds, on and on and on… One can get overwhelmed: where should you start? Here is my story and how I became the ecogal. My wake-up call was […]

Ashleigh Prince Producer and creator of ecogal

Ashleigh Prince, producer & creator of ecogal

Ashleigh Prince is an actress, producer and entrepreneur, who has worked in and around the entertainment industry for most of her adult life. Prince began her career as an actress in Hollywood, working in commercials, theater, TV and film. During this period, Prince was approached by a group of human rights activists to help them expand the group’s reach and effectiveness both nationally and internationally.

Linda Cornelius web&art

Linda Cornelius, art & graphic design

Linda Cornelius was born in Copenhagen from Danish parents, but spent her childhood between Nice, Rome and Venice, where she attended the Art Institute and the School of Art. She learned to paint oils on canvas, but not content with traditional painting conventions, she stood out for the use of vivid colors and alternative painting techniques.

Carole Dean Consultant, From the Heart Productions

Carole Dean, consultant

Having created one of the largest woman owned businesses in Studio Film & Tape, Carole sold the company to Edgewise Media to focus on helping filmmakers with From The Heart . She became a bestselling author and authority on film funding when she wrote “The Art of Film Funding”. Published by Michael Wiese Publications, it is now in its second edition. She is a sought after authority and speaker on film funding.