ORIGINS documentary movie

Origins – worldwide premiere

Ecogal is excited to share with you this
exclusive worldwide premiere of the Origins film

The movie can also be accessed online at
for free until November 22nd 2014.

Four years, 19 countries, and 24 experts in anthropology, medicine, ecology, and health have exposed the roots of our DNA and how to prevent the modern world from making us sick.

Watch it – it asks all the questions and presents information ecogal has been seeing, discovering and sharing with you for those past few months.

Join in for the Deep Dive Event

…and You’ll Get:

  • Rare access to 38 of the world’s most respected authorities – from Harvard-Trained physicians to natural beauty experts to heads of sustainability councils to board-certified nutritionists and others.
  • EASY-to-implement tips and how-tos on everything from greening up your home to urban gardening to hormone balancing to beating food allergies and so much more.
  • Available online at absolutely no cost – all you need is an Internet connection.
  • 6 video interviews available each day for 24 hours.

Starting Thursday, November 22nd through Saturday, November, 26th.

Find out more at, Origins page

Watch more videos on Vimeo


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