A cup of tea with ginger and lemon

It all started with a cup of tea…

I discover Fair Labor Verification, life can be very surprising when we go with the flow. Upon waking, after I have my warm water, honey and lemon (doing a 30 day challenge), I like to have a tea or coffee. I have worked on my diversity of choice, and not getting into an addictive habit […]

Zero Waste, what does it actually mean?

While having a quick breakfast this past Saturday at Whole Foods Market, I noticed a poster on the wall I hadn’t seen before. It said: Zero Waste Initiative Green And below that it said: What is Zero Waste? I realized I had a very different concept of Zero Waste than the EPA. Here is how […]

Jeff Poppen, TheBarefootFarmer

My aha moment: discovering life in Winter

I went up to visit my friend Jeff Poppen, better known as ‘The Barefoot Farmer’ at his farm. I wanted to make bread with him and ask him about the soil; what’s happening with it now, that it’s winter. It was a lovely evening. We caught up with one another, our conversations turn deep pretty […]

Happy new year from ecogal

Welcome to the new year

We want to THANK YOU for your continued support through the launch of ecogal: The Curious Consumer this past year. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and we are looking forward to continuing to discover more about the products we are consuming in all parts of our lives and to share those discoveries with […]


Light bulbs, what should we choose?

A few months ago, for a production job I was working on, I had to pick up some light bulbs for one of the oldest theaters in Tennessee. I went to a store that specializes in light, since I was looking for a kind of antique hardware. In the shop I noticed a display and […]


I recycle, reuse, refill!

I decided over a year ago to really pay attention to what I was consuming and the waste it produced. I decided to sort everything and learn how to dispose of things and reduce waste. Here is what I am changing everyday… Friday was my day to clean out my garage and I headed to […]